Olympic athlete and fencing pioneer, Felicia Zimmermann is best known
for establishing unprecedented world records in the sport of fencing.
Zimmermann premiered as a U.S. fencer to win a world championship medal,
the youngest ever to medal and the youngest to win a Junior World Cup.
Her winning victory was earmarked as the first American fencer in
history to establish a presence in the competitive world of
international fencing. She was the first and only woman to win the
National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA championships in both the
foil and epée while she attended Stanford University. Zimmermann won the
U.S. National Foil title four times in 1993, 1996, 1999, 2000.
Zimmermann’s gold medal in Italy in 1993 was the first by a U.S. woman
at the Junior World Cup. During her undergraduate years at Stanford
University, she competed in the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Olympics.
Her stunning innovative victories paved the way to establish the
visibility and transform leadership for U.S. fencers to emerge as
first-tier global competitors, formerly dominated by European fencers.
Zimmermann’s spotlight appearances include the covers of Newsweek
Magazine and Sports Illustrated.


After graduating from Stanford University with a Bachelors of Science
degree in Mechanical Engineering, Zimmermann worked in Dubai, the
United Arab Emirates as a management strategist for the expanding
aviation industry. The global civil aviation sector has grown rapidly in
emerging markets including Middle East, Russia and Asia. Her
multicultural, multilingual educational background has attributed to her
on-going success, not only for her prowess as a world-class Olympic
champion, but also utilizing her mental acuity as strategic lead for her
current position at Xerox Corporation, overseeing a vast,
multi-disciplinary global business entity.

Fluent in both German and Chinese, Zimmermann began training at the
Rochester Fencing Club RFC as an eight year old, subsequently returning
to Rochester, New York with her colleague and sister Iris, also a
champion U.S. Olympic Fencer and acquired the Rochester Fencing Club, as
proud business proprietors. They plan to develop the RFC into an
international fencing training center.

Zimmermann serves on the Executive Committee of the U.S. Fencing Team and a board of director on the U.S. Olympic Committee.